Current Affairs January 2017 - Online Quiz


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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - Which of the following states administration launched mobile app for Election Commission of India?

A - Gujarat

B - Haryana

C - Karnataka

D - Ludhiana

Answer : D

Q 2 - Which of the following state cabinet approved the implementation of Babasaheb Ambedkar Krushi Swavlamban Yojna?

A - Madhya Pradesh

B - Uttar Pradesh

C - Bihar

D - Maharashtra

Answer : D

Q 3 - Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan, who passed away recently was a famous _____?

A - Tabla Player

B - Veena player

C - Violinist

D - Sitar player

Answer : D

Q 4 - Somdev Devvarman who announced his retirement recently, is a famous_____?

A - Badminton player

B - Tennis player

C - Chess player

D - Horserider

Answer : B

Q 5 - India and _________have signed agreements in the area of agriculture?

A - Haiti

B - Kenya

C - Russia

D - Brazil

Answer : B

Q 6 - Which of the following state tourism is organizing the International Kite Festival-2017?

A - Madhya Pradesh tourism

B - Gujarat Tourism

C - Telangana Tourism

D - Uttar Pradesh Tourism

Answer : C

Q 7 - World bank approved USD 235 million loan to which of the following state’s rural roads project?

A - Bihar

B - Uttar Pradesh

C - Haryana

D - Rajasthan

Answer : A

Q 8 - Which of the following countries has signed a financing agreement with World Bank for 48 million dollars for Nagaland Health Project?

A - Japan

B - Austria

C - India

D - Nepal

Answer : C

Q 9 - According to Internation Labour Oraganization, unemployment in India is pegged at ________in 2018?

A - 1 million

B - 18 billion

C - 18 million

D - 8 million

Answer : C

Q 10 - Who was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America?

A - Hillary Clinton

B - Donald Trump

C - Barack Obama

D - John Key

Answer : B