Current Affairs March 2016 - Online Quiz


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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - India’s first International Arbitration Centre will come up in_____.

A - Mumbai

B - Delhi

C - Hyderabad

D - Ganktok

Answer : A

Q 2 - Who among the following has been included as ‘Public Authority’ under the Right to Information Act, 2005 by the Central Information Commission?

A - Cabinet Ministers in States and the Union

B - Supreme Court Judges

C - Speakers of all Legislative Councils

D - Chairmen of all Legislative Councils

Answer : A

Q 3 - Which country became the second African nation to commit to end modern slavery?

A - Mauritania

B - Nigeria

C - South Africa

D - None

Answer : A

Q 4 - Which of the following state government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Union Government under the Scheme Ujwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana (UDAY) on 15 March 2016?

A - Karnataka

B - Jammu & Kashmir

C - Madhya Pradesh

D - Telangana

Answer : B

Q 5 - Who became India’s youngest person to climb the Mt. Kangchenjunga base camp in Sikkim?

A - Manisha Singh

B - Manish Paul

C - Rajnigandha Tiwari

D - Suryassangyini Chaudhary

Answer : D

Q 6 - Fiscal deficit target for the year 2016-17 is_______.

A - 4.2% of GDP

B - 3.6% of GDP

C - 4.5% of GDP

D - 3.5% of GDP

Answer : D

Q 7 - Who is the scientist who returned to Earth after a historic 340-day mission aboard the International Space Station?

A - Michael Kelly

B - Methaly Cornetto

C - Scott Kelly

D - None of Them

Answer : C

Q 8 - India ranked ____________ out of 156 countries on the United Nations World Happiness Index (WHI) 2016.

A - 118th

B - 117th

C - 130th

D - 100th

Answer : A

Q 9 - Aaron Phangiso has been suspended from bowling in domestic cricket with immediate effect after his action was found to be illegal. He is a player from______.

A - New Zealand

B - Australia

C - South Africa

D - England

Answer : C

Q 10 - Presidential rule was imposed after 9 congress legislators in leadership of former Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna, in the state _______.

A - Uttarakhand

B - Bihar

C - Uttar Pradesh

D - Andhra Pradesh

Answer : A