Current Affairs Nov 2017 - Online Quiz


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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is celebrated every year on ___________.

A - 7th October

B - 20th October

C - 27th October

D - 27th November

Answer : D

Q 2 - The ___________state Government has implemented the Senior Citizen Health Insurance Scheme.

A - Himachal Pradesh

B - Nagaland

C - Karnataka

D - Kerala

Answer : A

Q 3 - The _________ state government has released a sum of Rs 4,000 crore under the first phase of the over Rs 34,000 crore farm loan waiver scheme.

A - Jharkhand

B - Rajasthan

C - West Bengal

D - Maharashtra

Answer : D

Q 5 - Who among the following topped the leader list on Twitter?

A - @PMOIndia account

B - US President Donald Trump


D - Pope Francis

Answer : B

Q 6 - According to a major study released in The Lancet Medical Journal, __________ has been ranked as the No. 1 in pollution related deaths.

A - Pakistan

B - Mexico

C - China

D - India

Answer : D

Q 7 - Which of the following Facebook group received an award for promoting voluntary efforts to clean public places effectively using Facebook?

A - My Mumbai Keep It Clean

B - My Delhi Keep It Clean

C - Jai Maharashtra, Swatch Abhiyaan

D - Delhi’s Clean Campaign

Answer : B

Q 8 - __________ won the 37th All India Governor's Gold Cup football tournament.

A - Mumbai FC

B - Partha Chakra

C - Mohun Bagan

D - Shillong Lajong Football Club

Answer : C

Q 9 - World Government Summit 2018 to have _______ as a guest country.

A - Ukraine

B - Poland

C - Finland

D - India

Answer : D

Q 10 - In its South Asia Economic Focus (Fall 2017) released by the World Bank, India's GDP growth forecast was reduced to____ for 2017-18.

A - 7.7%

B - 8.8%

C - 7%

D - 6.7%

Answer : C