Current Affairs Sep 2016 - Online Quiz


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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - India in September 2016 signed the Air Services Agreement under Open Sky Policy with which of the following countries?

A - Japan

B - Ethopia

C - Greece

D - Russia

Answer : C

Q 2 - Who was India’s first Paralympic gold medalist and also the flag-bearer for the Indian contingent at the 2016 Summer Paralympic Games _________________________?

A - Shubham Jhankhariya

B - Clodoaldo Silva

C - Devendra Jhajharia

D - Sheetal Sisodiya

Answer : C

Q 3 - The first BRICS film festival began at________________.

A - New Delhi

B - Mumbai

C - Beijing

D - Xinhua

Answer : A

Q 4 - The World Bank recently released Logistics Performance Index (LPI) 2016 and ranked India at the _______ position.

A - 160th

B - 45th

C - 35th

D - 20th

Answer : C

Q 5 - “Incredible India Tourism Investment Summit (IITIS) - 2016” was organized by the Ministry of Tourism in ______________.

A - Jamshedpur

B - Chandigarh

C - Bangalore

D - New Delhi

Answer : D

Q 6 - The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has approved the proposal for initiation of the (TEQIP) where project will be implemented as a Central Sector Scheme with total project outlay of 3600 Crore rupees. TEQIP stands for __________________________________________.

A - Tertiary Phase of Technical Education Quality Improvement Program

B - Third Phase of Technical Education Quality Improvement Program

C - Tier 3 Phase of Technical Education Quality Improvement Program

D - Technical Program of Tuilt Education Quality Improvement Program

Answer : B

Q 7 - The 5th BIRAC (Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council) Innovators Meet was held at ______________.

A - Goa

B - Agartala

C - Mumbai

D - New Delhi

Answer : D

Q 8 - Who has been given the Arjuna award for 2015?

A - Rohit Sharma

B - Virat Kohli

C - Sachin Tendulkar

D - Sourav Ganguly

Answer : A

Q 9 - Which country recently launched the world's biggest radio telescope in search for extraterrestrial life?

A - India

B - China

C - The Netherlands

D - The United Kingdom

Answer : B

Q 10 - Name the satellite of students of IIT, Bombay that was launched in ISRO’s launch in which it sent eight satellites to space under one mission?

A - Pratham



D - Junoon

Answer : A